4 Ways to Increase Your Sales Skills and Skyrocket to Success

Crafting the perfect sales pitch is no easy task. Entire books are devoted to the art, and countless hours are spent studying the craft. B...

Crafting the perfect sales pitch is no easy task. Entire books are devoted to the art, and countless hours are spent studying the craft. But sales is much more than just persuasion. The best salespeople authentically communicate a desire to serve the customer. (Firstly define what success means to you).

4 Ways to Increase Your Sales Skills and Skyrocket to Success
As a salesperson with “trusted advisor” status, I open new accounts, increase account spends, and capture new business. I guide resource teams comprised of internal specialists and channel partners to ensure delivery, training and total client satisfaction. As a recipient of the “Top Producer of the Year” and “Mobile Application Production” awards, I have learned a lot about how to communicate authentically to drive sales.

Here are four ways to increase your communication skills and skyrocket to success.


I may be selling a product or service, but customers ultimately buy from another human being. Be yourself, make a personal connection with potential customers, and show genuine interest in them and their interests. As the old adage says, "People will generally forget what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel." Don’t be afraid to ask questions honestly, and let them know when you don’t have all the answers. This will help create an authentic foundational relationship upon which a sale can build. 
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It takes time to develop trust with a customer. There’s no shortcut, but there are things you can do to facilitate trust. Always keep your word. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and admit when something is beyond your control. Also, set correct expectations—even if you feel it might ruin the sale. If you set the right expectations, your customers will appreciate your honesty and develop better long-term relationships with you.  When you are consistent and reliable, you show that you care and won’t let them down when it really matters.

As Forbes contributor and CEO of Fishbowl David K. Williams said, trust is “a non-negotiable trait.”


Knowing as much as I can about a company or a decision maker prior to a meeting means I can not only show value in what they want to talk about but that I can also offer additional products and services they may not have thought of before. 

Some salespeople approach every customer as if their only pain point were price. The truth is that while price is a factor, businesses are more complicated than that and often place value over price. Showing how your service or product meets other specific needs will go a long way to alleviating any potential budget concerns.

With that said, there is nothing more valuable than listening—so be prepared with research but don’t make assumptions. Listening to and validating your customers shows that you understand and care. 
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Give your customers and even your coworkers a reason to care about you by truly investing in them. Be unselfish with your time—be responsive to emails and calls, and address any needs they have quickly. If you don’t know the answer to something, respond and let them know you’ll look into it, as it shows you put their needs first. 
I often hear positive feedback from others about how much they appreciate my timely response and quick assistance.
Approach each new opportunity in terms of your customer’s benefit, not your own.  In the long run, customers will be able to recognize you are working for them—and you’ll develop lifelong relationships that will pay in spades over time. 

Every decision you make impacts your professional success. By following these guiding principles, you can communicate your authentic desire to serve customers and create a work environment for yourself that you love and feel good about. When you love what you do, you will always be successful.

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