10 Biggest Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make That Must Be Avoided

Entrepreneurs make mistake very often, specially young entrepreneurs. They never even think about this that their are making some great mist...

Entrepreneurs make mistake very often, specially young entrepreneurs. They never even think about this that their are making some great mistake at their startup and killing their whole dream. When we talked to many successful entrepreneurs they told us their five mistake in common, they did.

Mistake is in our vein, who will made it less he will be more successful.

10 Biggest Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make That Must Be Avoided
So you have a great idea and you want to quit your day job and go full time! Live the business dream, right?  Well, whoever told you it was easy was wrong. Luckily other entrepreneurs have done it before you and are here to guide you through the process so you can do it faster without making a ton of mistakes.

The Top 10 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Mistake #1: No Plan

The first mistake is thinking you have a great idea and it’s time to start without a solid plan. An idea isn’t going to make you rich. You have to have solid action steps and a business model that is actually going to work.

I know business plans are overwhelming but there’s a reason why large companies have them. When you have a plan, you know where you should be spending your time and you know what your future customers want. You don’t just post a social media update and hope someone will buy your product.

Even your social media should be planned out and match your overall business plan.

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Mistake #2:  Spending Too Much Money

The second mistake new entrepreneurs make is spending too much money first. Some investment is necessary. There are startup costs but you can keep it simple. You don’t have to go big and invest in a nice fancy website for thousands of dollars. I actually do not recommend that. Instead, I recommend that you cash flow it.

You can start with a small budget. Start hustling and find those first clients. Once you are making an income, then put more cash into your new business.

Invest in yourself and building up your business and marketing knowledge and a few minor investments to get your business model and a basic website up and running. Then, go!
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Mistake #3: Trying to Do Everything Yourself

The third mistake is trying to do everything yourself especially when you are employed at your day job still. You need to leverage your time. How I did this was hiring a virtual assistant when I was still employed. My virtual assistant was the best investment I have ever made. She lives in the Philippines and works during her day when I sleep. This is also something I cash flowed to start with and actually you’d be surprised at how affordable it is.

I learned about virtual assistants from this book, The 4-Hour Workweek when I was working full time. I implemented what I learned immediately and took action. This is key! It’s all about the action. As my business has grown even more, I have learned how important it is to not try to do everything myself.

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To start with, just take baby steps. Pick one thing you don’t like doing or you know would take you so long to do and ask for help! You don’t always have to pay for this. I got my first videographer of my live event for free because a college student needed work for a school project. Be creative!

Mistake #4: Making Things Perfect Before Launching

Mistake #4 is trying to get everything perfect before launching and waiting too long to launch. Taking too much time for thinking and not enough time taking action.

When I started, I sold a course I hadn’t even created yet. I didn’t wait and think about it. I’m all about the action. I put my course out there, someone bought it and I HAD to create it. I recommend that you test, sell and create as you go. If I think too much I get paralyzed!

Mistake #5: Not Surveying Potential Clients

Mistake number 5 is not really, really understanding who your ideal client is. This is a big mistake if you do not solve an actual problem and an urgent problem that your ideal clients have.

So this is all about talking to potential clients and learning more about their frustrations. Surveying is great but talking to them is even better. Take notes. Put them in a spreadsheet. See the common themes. What do they say over and over again?  Where’s the intersection between what you are passionate about and what they need? That’s your thing!

Don’t just go creating your own thing that you think will be sold out by the end of the week. That’s a big mistake and one of the reasons I love creating my products and services with my clients. I enjoy creating as I go because it becomes a much better product than me in my office creating this program I think that people will want. Trust me, I ‘ve done the do it alone process and those products always flopped. So learn from me!

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Mistake #6: Copying Others

The sixth mistake is not being different from others out there and copying others. Maybe you are subscribing to every email list gobbling up free information and all of a sudden your website looks like someone else’s and your emails look like someone else’s too! You have to cut out the noise that is going on around you. I know there are ads thrown at you left and right but you have to get quiet and determine your own voice. If you are jealous of someone, something is wrong.

Remember that you are unique. Only you have your purpose. Only you have your personal mission and dream. Your dream is for you and is not what someone else is doing. Even if other people are succeeding in what you want to do. That is great! It means there is a market for what you want to do too and you can put your own spin on it.

You have a different background and are a completely different person and there are more than 7 billion people in the world. In other words, the pie is big enough that everyone can have a slice. The main point really is this: There are people out there waiting for you to help them. They are just waiting for you right this very second. You have a mission to complete so why not start now.

Mistake #7: Not Passionate About Your Business Idea

The seventh mistake is starting a business you aren’t passionate about just to make money. It’s really important that you know your interests, values and motivations before starting your business. Start a business that you will love doing because it’s really never just about the money.

Mistake #8: Doing it Alone

The eighth mistake new entrepreneurs make is doing it alone and not having a partner, mastermind group or coach to help you.

My business changed overnight when I invested in a coach and I continue to have a mastermind group and accountability partner. A community of support is truly what you need so you are never alone in this.

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Mistake #9: Thinking a Blog is a Business

The ninth mistake many entrepreneurs make is thinking that having a blog is a business. Blogging has really grown lately and sometimes it makes it seem like everyone is making a living off advertising. Well, let me break it to you gently, getting advertising to replace a full-time income is incredibly hard. You can do it but it will take years of hard work. My goal is helping you quit your job quickly so we need to fast track your income which is why just blogging alone is a mistake.

This was a mistake I made for a long time. I was getting a little bit of advertising and breaking even but I couldn’t quit my job! That’s why I decided it was time to create my own services and products and is what I recommend you do as well. It’s not that hard and you can do it too.

Mistake #10: Not Starting Today

The last mistake is not taking baby steps forward and imperfect action every single day. This truly is my motto and how I live my life. I have big dreams and goals too but it’s all about taking baby steps forward every single day.

Which mistake hit home?  What is your new business? Share in the comments below!

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