10 Productivity Hacks Every Small Business Owner Can Benefit From

Productivity is the combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts. Is your productivity at work down? Having a routine has been proven to increase levels of productivity, Here are 10 tips to increase your productivity!
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10 Productivity Hacks Every Small Business Owner Can Benefit From

 1. Attack your least desirable tasks first.

You are going to have tasks on your to-do list that are completely undesirable at one point or another. Since they have to get done, tackle them first and get them out of the way. They will continue to be on your mind ifyou constantly avoid them, which will drag down your overallproductivity. Get them done first, cross them off your list, and youwon’t have to think about them any more.

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2. Take advantage of technology as much as possible.

Look for apps and tools that can help you complete tasks moreefficiently and stay organized. Don’t be afraid to try new apps or tools and see how they impact your productivity. Need some app suggestions?Take a look at this list of productivity apps to find some that could help you.

3. Systemize and automate everything you can.

Identify every moving part of your business, from your marketingprocess to your customer acquisition to purchase fulfillment and createways to make every step easier. Is there a part of your business thatslows you down or frustrates you? Find a way to make challenging aspects work on autopilot and it will free you up to tackle otherresponsibilities and make your business run smoother.

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4. Knock out simple tasks as soon as they come in.

If an email or task comes across your desk that you can accomplish in less than five minutes, do it right away. If you spend time schedulingthe task for later it will end up taking you longer than five minutes in the long run. This eliminates a lot of wasted time.

5. Devote time every morning to exercising.

Business owners work long hours and often sit behind computers for amajority of the day. This is a very unhealthy lifestyle, so combat thisby getting some daily exercise in. Not only are people that exercise inthe morning more likely to stick with it, but it also promotes higher quality sleep. A shorter quality sleep ismore beneficial than a longer sleep of lower quality, and a deep sleepwill make you more productive the next day. Prioritize your morningexercise just like you would a business meeting or conference call anddon’t miss it for any reason.

6. Set up an “offers” email address.

Use a dedicated “offers” email address for newsletters, trials, etc.– and don’t check it as often. The less your phone is chiming withemail notifications and your outlook is importing new messages, the less distracted you will be. Special offers, promotions and newslettersdon’t require your immediate attention. Check your offers email a couple evenings a week as you are ending your day to stay on top of it without it interfering with more important tasks.

7. Empower your team.

When your team feels like they are all equal parts of your businessit improves company morale as well as productivity. You shouldn’t haveto micromanage them — if there are situations that require you tomicromanage your team then you made the wrong hiring decisions.

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8. Disconnect from technology during crunch time.

When you really need to roll up your sleeves and get a presentationor report done, eliminate every possible distraction. Shut down youremail, forward your office calls to voicemail, switch your mobile device to airplane mode and unplug all other technology. This allows you tofocus 100 percent.

9. Work outside of your office.

Try to spend one day each week working away from the office. We livein a mobile world now, making it possible to work in different creativespaces while still getting work done. This also sparks creativity andprevents burnout. You can even try extending this to all members of your team and see if your overall company productivity increases.

10. Slow down on personal social media.

Our culture has such a fascination with what is going on in eachother’s lives. Taking time out of your day to check your personalTwitter and Facebook does nothing but waste time and cut into yourproductivity. Is seeing what everyone is having for lunch or buildingyour business more important to you? This doesn’t apply to businesssocial accounts or those that use their personal accounts fornetworking, etc.

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