Monetize with Yahoo Bing Publisher Network:

O nline Advertising is growing at tremendous rate. So it become difficult to choose Right Ad network even for Advertising or Monetizing Bec...

Online Advertising is growing at tremendous rate. So it become difficult to choose Right Ad network even for Advertising or Monetizing Because factors are equally depend just like if company charge high for advertiser then its definitely try pay high to their publisher.

What is Yahoo! Bing publisher Network?

The Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program enables web publishers to easily and effectively earn advertising revenue. 
Monetize with Yahoo Bing Publisher Network:
Yahoo! Bing publisher Network is the best Alternatives to Google AdSense. This Yahoo! Bing publisher Network mostly known as All their activities and features are run by this Website.

Features and Program Information of is a contextual ad network, which means that it hosts advertisements based on the context of the page. For example, if you are running ads on your page about Sports, your readers will be seeing advertisements related to Sports and sports related products. Similarly, a page about Makeup (Fashion) will have ads related to Makeup and fashion accessories. is targeted to small and large publishers who produce quality content. So even if you have a small blog with targeted and quality content, your chance of getting approval is high. You can use as alternative of Google AdSense. Also You can use Ads along with Google AdSense.
Contextual advertisements: As mentioned above, ads will be showed based on the context of the page. 

High revenue: Quality of ads are high, and various optimization techniques will help you to make a significant amount of money from your hosted ads.

Mobile Ads: ads unit provides screen optimization means they provide mobile ads automatically without providing any particular size or mobile banner. These mobile ads also helps to increase your overall revenue.

Revenue System: provide CPC, CPM based earning criteria in the form of eCPM. Mostly they provide highest review for visitor of US, UK and Canada.
Account manager: There are very few ad networks offering dedicated account managers, and is one of them. As soon as you get an approved account, you will be assigned an account manager, and he will assist you with the setup and help you to get started. Indeed, if you are not a blogger who likes to optimize ads (color, text, etc.), your account manager will do this for you.
creative ad units: Use the self-serve platform to create your ad units instantly and fully customize them to complement your site’s look-and-feel. Pick your preferred ad size, choose from our skin gallery, design your own color palette and instantly preview your ads – it’s that simple.

Track your performance in real-time: We provide you with an online publisher control panel that lets you monitor your ad impressions on a near real-time basis. The reporting interface allows you to view earnings with drill-downs by sites, ad tags, and date range. Monitor the revenue impact of your ad customization and spot trends quickly.

Track your performance
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Monitor your stats from your iPhone or iPad: We understand your need to stay on top of your business at all times. Our reporting interfaces automatically deliver iPhone and iPad compatible experiences that allow you to track your stats even while you are on the road.

How To Apply For Media.Net Ads?

Before applying make sure that your blog should match their program policies and other guidelines. Approval in almost based on traffic source and blog type. To apply new account for approval Add your accurate details with your blog URL on which behalf you want approval. If you want to Apply then join it right now. 

Application only takes a couple minutes. Account approval may take 4 or 5 business days to about a week. Once your account is approved, each additional site you submit must also be approved, but your account representative can help with that and getting additional sites approved should take a day or less. Signup Publisher / Yahoo! Bing publisher Network Requirements

  • Publisher Terms:
  • Traffic Minimum:50000 (Read: 50 Ways to Drive Traffic using Social Media)
  • Publisher Language Requirement: Must be primarily English.
  • Prohibited Publisher Content: Adult, Tobacco, Alcohol, Ammunition, Hazardous Substances, Illegal Drugs, Gore, Violence, Gambling, Racism, Hate, Racial Intolerance, Prescription Drugs, Counterfeit Products, Stolen Items.

How to Creating an Ad Unit in

Creating a new ad unit is a simple enough process. Choose an ad size, design layout, and customize colors. Then implementing the unit on your site involves simply copying and pasting a few lines of HTML code (Javascript) into your webpage’s source code.
  • Display Ad Unit Sizes Available: 336×280, 300×250, 728×90, 600×250, 160×600, 728×20, 600×120, 468×60, 200×200, 250×250, 120×600, 120×300, 300×600, 160×90, 180×150.
  • Implementation Technology: HTML, JavaScript.
  • Compatible with Google AdSense: Yes, as long as ad units are not styled to look like AdSense units.
  • Mobile Ad Units Available: Yes.
  • WordPress Plugin Available: No.

Payment Method of Publisher / Yahoo! Bing publisher Network

  • Publisher’s Share of Revenue: Unknown.
  • Payment Methods Available: wire transfer or PayPal.
  • Payment Terms: Net-30.
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $100.

How To Make Money With

How To Make Money With
You don't have to be worried about making money once you successfully signup with this network and setup their ads code to your website/blog. After you adding their ad code, everything will be taken care by the publisher network. The money will come into your account within an automation system. You just need organic traffic and maintain all TOS of Yahoo Bing Publisher network.

Alert! Your Publisher Account Can Be Suspended for Low Quality Traffic?

One of my Customer (I managed almost 35+ customers Blog With Advertising) almost got her account suspended but luckily, she was given a warning with a 72 hour grace to work on her traffic source. A week before reaching her first payout, She received an email from compliance team saying, She is generating a lot of low quality traffic!! She Called me over phone and told the details about the warning. I thought she was gonna lose all her earnings and was sympathies.

Then I deiced to check it out why given her a warning, what actually going on.
Then I took some time to figure out what they actually meant by low quality traffic… About 70% of her traffic comes from search engines so what the hell are these guys talking about?

Then I figured out Why Publisher Account gonna Banned!

Most of the visitors on her site were from Asia, and Middle East and then again, it’s about 60% direct traffic. I decided to remove her all ads from the site and then mailed to support center.
Remember: publisher Network will value you if you have enough organic traffic from US, Canada, UK.

Eventually, She got her payment and weeks after that scary mail, her account is still active and She is scheduled to get another payment when the month ends.
Don’t forget to share your reviews and experiences with program.

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