3 Reasons You must know about Copywriting

  I admit it. I make mistakes in my writing. The first draft often has typos, spelling errors and incorrect punctuation. And let me tell ...


I admit it. I make mistakes in my writing. The first draft often has typos, spelling errors and incorrect punctuation. And let me tell you, people LOVE telling a writer they have made a mistake.

In my defense, it is not easy to proofread your own work (which is why I recommend that with large jobs, clients also hire a proofreader, or proofread in-house).

But more than that – being a good copywriter does not always mean being a spelling and grammar guru.
Back in my journo days, some of the best journos I knew couldn’t write for shit. Actually, they COULD write, but their writing was full of errors that needed a good subeditor to fix (as an aside, this is why it is a shockingly bad business practice for a newspaper to outsource subbing – but let’s save that for another rant).
What they lacked in grammar and spelling skills, they more than made up for in their nose for news and their ability to write evocatively and objectively. As you read their copy, you could almost smell and touch their subjects.

Similarly, some of the best copywriters would never win a Spelling Bee, or get 10 out of 10 on one of those BuzzFeed “How good is your grammar” tests. But, oh my, when they have their creative juices flowing they are untouchable!

But here’s the thing – copywriting is never just about good grammar and spelling. It’s about finding words that sell, and crafting sentences that grab the reader’s attention and spark a desire to buy your product or service.

Copywriting is more about psychology than perfect English.

Copywriters have a knack for distilling product features into benefits that solve your ideal customer’s problem. They know the right tone that will speak to your target audience. And they successfully walk the fine line that separates slimy sales speak from gold star marketing communication.

Copywriters never stop learning their trade

As technology evolves and new marketing trends appear, copywriters continually update their skills. Where once upon a time, we all worked in printed material, we are are now able to handle the differing demands of writing for the web, social media, online businesses, email marketing and crowd funding campaigns. We have networks that reach to web developers, online marketers, photographers, designers and more. And we understand how businesses can integrate all this information and technology to reach new audiences and create successful income streams. What more, copywriters write. A lot. And for a lot of different industries. And like an elite athlete, being good at what we do requires practice.

Copywriters see things differently

When you are caught up in the business of running your business, it can be hard to look at things objectively. That’s where a good copywriter can be invaluable. We can help you get to the bottom of your unique selling proposition (USP) and can help you not only find your target audience’s pain points – what keeps them awake at night – but can help you craft a message that addresses and solves them. Copywriters are the ideal “touch stone” to help you understand your audience’s perspective.

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