How to Write a Quality Contents for Blogs

Content is KING. So, it is important to know How to Write a Quality Content within your OWN website. Do you know the secrets to write your...

Content is KING. So, it is important to know How to Write a Quality Content within your OWN website. Do you know the secrets to write your SEO friendly Quality post? Content in your site is an asset that will make you money moving forward. Some people don’t realize this potential. Although it is hard to visualize at the beginning, but it is there. Success is right next to you! You have probably know that the only option to get ranking on Google is by having a content. Lots of it! However, content alone is not enough. We need quality content that will help improve conversion of our traffic and attract more activity happening within your website. As the result, Google will see this and decides to improve your ranking on SERPs(Search Engine Result Page/s).

5 rules on how to write a quality content


The 5 Rules to Write Quality Content

Follow these rules and you are likely to get more attraction from the coming visitors. If your visitors are not pleased with your content, they will leave your site within the first 10 seconds. You really don’t want this sad thing to happen! But don’t worry, after knowing certain quality content rules below, you will get more attention from your audience

Rule 1: Readable Font Size

Make sure that your font size is readable for your visitors. Do NOT have your paragraph font size below 12px and above 15px. It will look strange if you break this rule and people are reluctant to read your article. Simply they don’t get used to it!
Those people read books and newspaper. I highly recommend you to take a look at big company website font size like Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Google or even Wikipedia. See how big is their font size. Most of us get used to this font size and remain that way.

Rule 2: Give A Proper Spacing

Nobody likes to read an article that is too wordy. Do give a space for your visitors to have a break. Sometime as a content writer, we tend to enjoy writing till 8-10 sentences all combine in one paragraph. Try to break that into 2 or 3 paragraph.

Here what you should do: Avoid having more than 6 lines in a paragraph. Ideally, you should keep in between 3-4. (Do this when you have finished the whole article). Don’t go and purposely change it when you’re typing. This can break your writing idea. However, it totally up to you and your writing style.

Rule 3: Add Images or a Video

You read the title correctly! Images or a video. That means you need to have more than one image and if you want to add a video, do NOT add more than one video within a page of content.
Having images in your content will definitely help your reader stay longer, especially if you have highly related image within it. What I recommend is to have images in the beginning and near the end of content. If your word count more than 500, you might want to have another image in the middle. (Images should be on the right or centre alignment for better reading pattern)

As for a video, it can be embedded from youtube and paste to your Text code. Try to use a related video and has a clean content. Some videos has their own brand mentioned at the beginning or at the end of the video. Make sure to check it before adding it into your content.

share a video from youtube
Copy the Embed code and Paste it Wherever you within your content!

how to write a quality content text code

You also don’t want to add multiple video in a page. It can be overwhelming for your readers! Just do NOT add more than one video in one page. Very important. I myself rarely use a video, but it is great to have one sparingly.

Rule 4: Be Personal and Engaging


When writing a content, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Writing is simply communicating. You are NOT writing for a university professor. Try to be personal and engaging. No body likes a boring article. Just write as you are talking to your friends.
Depending on your niche, you should adjust a little bit of your communication. Avoid rude words and too many inappropriate slang. The best way is to be natural
You can also show some personality words such as I, My opinion, I personally think, My recommendation, and so on. People come to your site for your point of view, not a boring sales description and features. They could do this easily by going the actual company site, couldn’t they?

Rule 5: Proper Affiliate Linking

I see some people overuse affiliate link within a website. Google doesn’t like it and this will not lead to high ranking on search engines. The mistake they make is that they mimic from other sites which have already ranked well on the 1st page. You are still not ranked well, so don’t follow them. Go and change this!
The best way to bombard your affiliate links is on your money page/pages. You should have a maximum of 3 money pages that have affiliate links. More than that can harm your entire website. So whenever you create a piece of new content, instead of your affiliate link, use internal link pointing to your money page where all the links are centralized there.
This way is much cleaner and healthier to Google’s eye. As the result, you will be given a boost of ranking.

Those are the 5 rules on how to write a quality content. Follow them, and you should be fine I hope this helps and good luck for your online journey to success. Please share this information if it is awesome, and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

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