How to Use Twitter as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

  Twitter can be purposefully used as part of a social media m...


Twitter can be purposefully used as part of a social media marketing strategy to promote your brand and boost sales.
Your colleagues can help build your Twitter following by sharing and retweeting your company tweets to their followers.

Likewise, you can request current customers to help increase engagement on your Twitter page and bring more visibility to your tweets. To automate this process, you may use a service like GaggleAmp.

It might be wholly unwise, but there are still some people who dismiss Twitter as a digital distraction from more serious online channels. With meteoric growth and more than 288 million active users across the globe, Twitter is a social network that no business can ignore.

Twitter’s apparent simplicity of use is rather misleading. But you just scratch the surface and a hugely rewarding social network soon becomes evident. If you want to use Twitter as part of your social media marketing strategy, you must understand some of the basics to succeed meaningfully.

Twitter, which was launched by founder Jack Dorsey on 21st March 2006, is “the best way to share and discover what is happening around us.”
Twitter, which is based in San Francisco, has more than 25 offices across the globe and has on its payroll of around 3,300 employees.

Twitter is vibrant, as millions of users compose, reply and engage with each other using short messages known as Tweets. Tweets can either be a mixture of text, web links, and media, but must fit within the prescribed 140-character limit.

Twitter is all about engagement, and your messages have to be crisp and succinct.
Naturally, as a social media network, Twitter encourages engagement between its users, allows them to reply to Tweets, mention other users in their Tweets and share interesting Tweets with their followers through ‘Retweeting’.Thus, people make themselves visible to users outside of their circles, trying to enlarge their follower base and increase their influence.

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