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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to create a blog. Everyday, hundreds of thousands of people are creating blogs to gener...

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to create a blog. Everyday, hundreds of thousands of people are creating blogs to generate profit or just for fun. I’m going to show you through this easy to follow guide how you can create your very own blog in as little as three steps — and with absolutely no technical skill required. If you can peck your keyboard, you can set up a blog!

I’ve been creating blogs since 2008. I’m creating this simple step by step guide to teach those looking to create a professional blog that it can be done quickly and easily.

What You’re Going to Learn:

  1. Why my step by step guide is for you.
  2. What the benefits of a blog are.
  3. Creating a blog with what you learn with this guide.
  4. Why free blogs aren’t worth it.
  5. How to actually get your blog set up.

Why my step by step guide to creating a blog is for you

There are tons of guides on how to create a blog, some are exceptionally good but some are horrible. Some guides are so poorly written I am skeptical that they have even been written by someone who has ever owned a blog. I’ve got many years of experience in building blogs for fun and also for profit. The good guides cost up to $250 and to be honest, I don’t think you should have to pay such a high price and that’s why I am going to divulge how I do it and how I have been successfully creating blogs since 2004.
Some of the benefits of having a blog
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  • Google Loves Bloggers – Google loves content and bloggers create unique content that Google will crawl and index. The more you post, the more content is indexed in the search engines and the more traffic you get.
  • Blogging Promotes Education – By sharing your stories and knowledge, you’re helping others who face the problems you’ve got solutions to.
  • Generate Income – Yeah, that’s right! You can actually earn money by blogging. After you’ve established content and have a steady flow of traffic, you’ll be able to promote affiliate programs, sell your own advertising space or simply sign up to Google Ad Sense and earn money on every click to their advertisers.
There are tons more benefits but I cannot think of any negatives when it comes to creating a blog.
 Note: This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own.

I am going to walk you through the creation of a blog.

I am going to take you through the step by step process in which I use to create my blogs and let them flourish. You will need absolutely no technical skill, just the passion to write about your favorite topic. In about 5 minutes you will be a blog creating superstar. You can then join my newsletter where I share tips and special offers to make your blogging experience even better.

Why Free blogging services aren’t worth it, trust me.

I would never recommend a free blog service to anyone serious about creating a blog. While the service may actually be free, the unknowns are what really get you. Here are some of the reasons why I do not recommend free blog services:
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  1. Google prefers professional blogs over free blogs any day of the week. How often do you see a free blog like high up on the search engine results? Almost never. This alone should deter you from starting a blog on a free network. You’re writing your blog for people to read.
  2. You don’t have total control over your blog when you use the free blogging services such as Blogger for instance. There are instances where you may want to use a certain plugin or place advertisements in certain locations which you wouldn’t be able to do at free services. You could also be subject to a mass change that they undertake that doesn’t fit well with your overall plan.
  3. You run the risk of losing your hard work at the hands of a free service and because it’s free, you really can’t do anything. They are not responsible keeping the service up if they do not want to. If you receive too much traffic they could shut you down or worst they can delete your account if they don’t like what your blog is all about. You can spend countless hours writing content for your blog and building up readership to only lose it at the hands of a free provider.
Setting up a professional blog isn’t as expensive as you may think. It’s VERY cheap actually. For as little as $0.15 cents per day, you could have your own professional blog. Don’t cheap out and kill yourself before you even start. You can afford $0.15 cents a day and you know it.

How to Actually Get Your Blog Setup

Okay, so now that I’ve talked to you about the basics of creating a blog, we should start the process of actually creating the blog. You can go at your own pace, but in reality it only takes a few minutes and if you’ve come this far you’re not going to have any issues.
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Step #1: Get Your Own Domain Name

Finding a good domain name can take a while, but don’t be discouraged. My recommendation is to pick a domain name that is short, sweet and brandable. Don’t get too overly complex about it. Let’s say for example that you are looking to start a blog about the fitness industry, you may want to use a domain like Otherwise, you can simple use your name as the domain name such as
The goal is to pick a domain name that is:
  1. Create a catchy domain name
  2. Easy to remember
  3. Is related to what you’re building, if possible.

Should I get a .com, .net, .org? Does it make a difference?

Sort of. First of all the domain extensions are known as TLD’s. the dot com is for companies and is by far the most popular, dot net is for networks and dot org’s are for organizations usually non-profit, etc. So you can use any of the domain names, however to keep it simple a .com works the best. If you’re running a non-profit or charity type of blog, then go ahead and use a .org domain name.
The domain name is just one portion of the set up process, you’re also going to need web hosting. Now you can purchase a domain name from a domain registrar, which would cost you about $10/year or you could pick a web host that bundles the domain name in with the hosting service. In the next step I show you how you can kill two birds with one stone and how you can get a FREE domain name registration with your web hosting account.
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Step #2: Get Professional Web Hosting

So what in the heck is web hosting? Web hosting providers are online service providers that store or “host” your blog and makes it available on the Internet for people to view. There are tens of thousands of web hosting providers and it really does matter which provider you choose. The same old saying goes online “you get what you pay for”. Many web hosting providers can pop up and disappear overnight and that’s not something we want to have happen especially after all the work we’re going to be putting into our blog.
This is where my experience will help you out tremendously, you can thank me later! I have hosted with dozens of web hosts, have been screwed over by many and have been wowed by some. My recommendation is GreenGeeks because they have been exceptional when it comes to technical support, reliability and their commitment to the environment. Your blog will actually be carbon reducing when you host with them, cool right?

They also make it stupid easy to create a blog, really… 1 click.
However, since GreenGeeks is so good, they do charge a bit more than some of the other crappy hosts out there. Here’s the good news though, I was able to talk to one of their sales people and negotiate BIG savings for those who use this guide. When you follow any link on this guide to GreenGeeks, you’ll get a 20% discount from their regular monthly rate. You’ll see their discounted $3.96 rate automatically applied. You’ll also see that you’ll get a free domain name registration and free setup.

Congratulations, you’re actually paying less than I am!
Follow the steps I have outlined below to create your blog. The process should take you no more than 5 minutes start to finish. You’ll then be on your way to writing posts on your new blog.
#1. GreenGeeksto get your GreenGeeks Web Hosting account.
When you click the link above, you’ll land on the page that looks like this:

GreenGeeks Signup Step 1

Click on the Sign Up Now button. This will take you to the next page which will ask you to enter in your domain name as seen below:

You will need to enter in the domain name option in the I Need a Domain box. The form will fail and let you know that it did if the domain name is not available or invalid. Continue to alter the name until it progresses to the next page where it will ask you for your address information.
GreenGeeks  Signup Step 3
Once you have finished entering in all of your contact details, payment details and package plan. I suggest the 3 year term for the deepest savings and will take care of you for 3 years. Click on the Create My Account. You’re almost done…
After successfully creating the account, your account will be verified by GreenGeeks staff to ensure the order is legitimate and not fake. This is important because it further protects existing customers on their servers such as your blog from malicious behavior from hackers, etc. Once verified, you will receive an account activation e-mail with all of your login details. In the next step, I will show you how to install the blogging software WordPress which is going to be used to create your blog.
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Step #3: Install WordPress to Power Your Blog

Here is a video that takes you step-by-step on how to install WordPress blogging software on your new web hosting account with GreenGeeks. Follow these instructions.

Once you’ve installed WordPress, your new blog has been created! Congratulations! That wasn’t hard was it? To begin posting and building your new blog out, you’ll need to log into the WordPress Admin area, to do this you’ll need to type in the following:

Use the username/password that you set up during the 1-click installer. Once you’re in, you’ll see on your left hand side that there is a section called posts. Click it and then click Add New Post and type away
Now that you’ve finally created a blog, you may be interested in tips and tricks, how to make money with your blog and other cool stuff that you can do. I keep this blog updated weekly with a new article with the newest, coolest tips, tricks and exclusive special offers. All you have to do is book mark my site! Check out my blog for posts I’ve already made.

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