How to Make a Impressive Landing Page

Y ehhh landing pages... the Internet's answer to marking your territory. Depending on where you're at in your webmaster experience,...

Yehhh landing pages... the Internet's answer to marking your territory. Depending on where you're at in your webmaster experience, there's a great chance you've used landing pages to attract more visitors, increase traffic or roll out targeted promotions. Landing pages can be a phenomenal tool for growing or branding a business, though only when carefully and strategically implemented. Tracking and understanding conversions on a landing page is crucial in your marketing strategy. By understanding Google Analytics, Google AdWords Conversions (assuming you have these set up properly) is important for you to figure out your ROI. It also teaches you what works, what doesn't work and some feedback on what to change for the next landing page.

One of the most common mistakes web developers make, is losing sight of the landing page's original purpose. During the creation process, whether it's the writing of original content or naming images, the little things that "pop up" tend to distract us from the sole reason why we decided to make one in the first place. Never lose sight of the number one purpose of landing pages: increasing your online market-share.

Tips for Creating High-Ranking Landing Pages

Let's face it; many landing pages get thrown together quickly, simply to have one out there supporting a pay-per-click ad, or Google AdWords campaign. This is not to imply that they're bad, rather to emphasize how exceptional they could be.
Here are a few of the most important things to consider when doing PPC landing page optimization:
  1. Keep your content above the fold, limit the size of your header.
  2. Bold pricing on your product/service
  3. Call to Action with a Free Delivery
  4. Easy to contact with a simple contact form on the left column of website that isn't asking you for 100 things.
  5. High quality images

Good landing page example

Use Consistent Designs in Your Landing Page

If your company's website features an edgy black & white color scheme, don't create a landing page that's fluffy and flowery. Sure, there are some who will argue that you need variation to reach new markets, but in the long run there's no compromise for consistency, clarity and keen brand recognition. Use your logo, the same logo, in both landing pages and websites.

Never Regard Landing Pages as a Separate Entity

We don't think anyone sets out to do this intentionally, because rarely are we in the same mindset as when we created the main site. Our skills evolve, our tech tastes change, etc. But that should not result in breaking the #1 rule of digital branding: never break character. Keep it uniform and consistent, and you'll help a wider audience find their way home.

Don't Cut Corners on Your Staple Techniques

I'm sure there's a more eloquent way to say this, but don't be afraid to bust out your best tricks when creating a landing page for your pay-per-click campaign. If you have a clever white hat SEO trick up your sleeve, don't hold back or assume it's not the right forum... it is!

Go Deeper than the Traditional Splash Page

Some of the most frequently-visited PPC landing pages, are actually more complex than the traditional image-based single-page sites. Why not take the extra little bit of time it takes to create a respectable three-page landing site, and then optimize the hell out of it?

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