How to Improve SEO Ranking – 10 Simple Steps

There are 10 simple ways on how to improve seo rankings in 2016, since the search engine algorithms has been improved. Most people learn t...

There are 10 simple ways on how to improve seo rankings in 2016, since the search engine algorithms has been improved. Most people learn the wrong way to get ranked on search engines, as the result their websites get penalized from ranking. By the fact that getting high rank involves many considerations and tweaks, we will learn the big 10 steps to optimize search engines ranking!

How to Improve SEO Ranking

10 Simple and Effective Steps on How to Improve SEO Ranking

The major mistake many people make is that they waste their time on Meta Tags. It doesnt affect seo at all since the new improvement have occured. So, dont bother of filling it in. Here you can watch the message from Google Webmaster. However, there are 10 steps that we can do to enhance seo rankings:

10 ways to Improve SEO Ranking


STEP 1 : Meta Title

how to make money online - Google Search

After we have gotten the targeted keywords, put it on our posts title bar. Ex : My keywords is “how to make money online as a college student”. So I will put it on my title bar as my post title. This is the first step when we want to do a blog post. Having a targeted keywords on the Meta title bar! ( you can click on the image to see my post is ranked at the 3rd position by google+ )

STEP 2 : Meta Description

how to make money online - Google Search
Make sure you have your targeted keywords within the first 155 words of your contents. The reason is because search engine will easily recognize your post and display it on the page. Lets say we use the key keyword “how to make money online”. We will insert that keyword anywhere in the first 155 words of our content. Make sure we do it naturally and enticing. These will allow the visitors who type in the targeted keywords become interested to visit our sites and want to know more!

STEP 3 : Headlines (H1 or H2)

page or post title in h1 or h2
Try to make our targeted keywords as a headline. By having this, we will tell the search engines that these words are important. In default, your post/page title is already in H1 or H2. Remember to make your keywords sound naturally and don't overuse it, or else our website will be penalized. Our intention is to provide value to our readers as well, not just search engine robots!

STEP 4 : Internal Links

How to Make Money Online as a College -
Internal links mean that some particular words or images within our contents that will link to other related post in our website. Ex : Inside my content I have a word “motivation”, and I remember that I published a post about life motivation yesterday. So what I do is, I go to the “life motivation” post, and copy the url above, then go the motivation word and insert a link that directed to the life motivation. Search engines love internal links! ( but must be related one to another )

STEP 5 : Images with Alt Text

How to Make Money Online as a College -
If we notice that when we add/edit an image within our post, we will see alt tag. This can be used to improve seo ranking too. We can type our targeted keywords at least in one image that we have within the content.


STEP 6 : External Links

external link
We also can link to other bigger and more authority websites such as,, and many more. But dont do it too often and same source all the time. You might link to today, and link to after 3rd or 4th post later.

STEP 7 : Keywords in URL

keywords in url
You can see this under our Meta Title, it is also called permalink. We might want to edit the permalink as well to become our targeted keywords, but by default it should be the same as our title. This will also can be seen by search engine robots to bring up you post as a targeted keyword.

STEP 8 : Embedded Videos

sharing youtube embed code
Having a relevant video to your post will be great as it will create more trust to your visitors. People tend to enjoy a video more than words or images. We can use YouTube videos to be embedded to our site and create more brand. I will recommend your own videos, but if you dont have. You can use others. It will be fine too


STEP 9 : Comment Engagement

reply as soon as possible
Our visitors are king! Without them, it will be hard to rank high. So make sure that we create an interesting content and reply to their comments ASAP. We have to engage on their opinions, this will make search engines aware of our website quality as the readers and poster participate in commenting.


STEP 10 : Social Sharing

social buttons
We need to have social sharing buttons on every post, so that our readers can easily share the content within our site when it helps them out. We can do this by installing the plugin and set it up to our website. The more shares we have, the more traffic we will get from the readers social network.

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