Top Ways To Drive traffic Using Twitter

 W ho else wants increased traffic to your website?  If you raised your hand, I have to tell you my favorite and quickest way is Twitter. ...

 Who else wants increased traffic to your website?  If you raised your hand, I have to tell you my favorite and quickest way is Twitter.
Twitter is always going to be people who are “in the moment.”  That means, they are right there, right now.  Looking at the stream and ready to communicate or find information.
 Twitter Traffic
Give it to them and they’ll follow you right back to your site!
Take a look at some of my own easy-to-implement Twitter tips and see if you can’t drive a little more traffic your way:

  • Give a link.  This sounds so simple, yet is overlooked many times.  You don’t want to be sending out a blast of constant promotional tweets, but don’t forget your goal. You DO have to tell them where you want them to go!  And, they can’t get there without a link icon smile Best Ways To Use Twitter to Drive Traffic To Your Website
  • Tweet often. I would never advise you to park yourself on Twitter all day.  That would turn into nothing more than a time guzzler. However, you DO need to tweet more than a couple of times a day to cover people in all time zones.  It’s OK to automate as long as you do it in moderation (like when you’re asleep!)
  • Know what your followers want. This should be a no-brainer, but more and more I’m finding out it’s not.  Yes, you need to churn out good content, but it needs to be what your audience is looking for.  Believe me, keep trying to tell them what they need instead of what they want and you will quickly find out they’ll gravitate to someone else.
  • Can you just ask?  For the Re-tweet, that is!  This tip is so easy peasy, yet again people forget or are hesitant.  Don’t let that be you.  Simply ASK folks to re-tweet your links.  You’ll find most are more than happy to oblige. Remember the golden rule here.  Return the favor! This one technique can mean targeted traffic.  Even better!
  • Can I get your opinion? This one works if you have something new on your site.  Simply tweet out that you would appreciate people’s opinion.  Most folks can’t resist giving a critique!
  • Hashtags rule! When looking for new and targeted traffic, a quick search using hashtags (#) with some of the  keywords from your niche works great!  (Just put the # sign in front of the keyword in the Twitter search area and you’ll see who’s using it.)
  • Make your last tweet count. Every time you finish a Twitter session, end with a tweet that includes a link to your site.  That tweet may be seen many, many times by key followers logging on while you are busy running your business!
Twitter is a fantastic social media tool that can be used to generate tons of traffic for you.  There’s no big secret to it.   Just DO it!   Join in a quick conversation, add value with your tweet, post your link, and get ready for more eyeballs looking at your site!

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