10 Must-Dos for Effective Facebook Retargeting

  W hat is facebook retargeting? Facebook retargeting simply means the act of re-engaging customers and visitors who have one time or th...

Facebook Targeting 
What is facebook retargeting?
Facebook retargeting simply means the act of re-engaging customers and visitors who have one time or the other visited your website without buying from you, with highly targeted facebook ads. These facebook ads are usually based on their recent interaction with your service or product.

Obviously, some of your visitors buy on their first visit to your site, but they are very insignificant, about 2% to 3%. Where are other 97%? I quite agree that your squeeze pages might attract some leads and you can get like 35% to %40 from them through email marketing, but you are still leaving so much money on the table.

And one obvious behavioural fact about visitors is that the people buy after several contacts to offers, so it will be very prosperous to adopt Facebook retargeting to get these people back to your offers.

10 Must-Dos for Effective Facebook Retargeting
  1. You don’t much time to convince your customers, so you have to be creative.
You have to observe what makes your audience unique and different from others so that you can retarget them intelligently. Creating customized ads according to the behavior of your audience and offering your products based on the interest of your visitors is one great way to retarget them to your offers.

     2. Put a call to action on your offer page
Inserting a call to action on your offer page is one outstanding way of converting your visitors to buyers. Choose words that will push them to click on your offers. Words like ‘read more’, ‘click here’, are great words that create curiosity in visitors to click on your Facebook retargeting links.

    3.  Segment your Audience
This can be done by creating customized ads for your website visitors while they are on different pages of your website. Relevant ads are very important for the success of your retargeting campaign. Visitors must only see ads that are relevant to them. This you can do by placing different Facebook retargeting pixels on different pages. This will help you to deliver more engaging ads which suits the interests of your users.

4.  Reduce your ad impressions:
One thing that annoys followers including me is seeing ads re-occurring too much. You need to put a limit to your Facebook retargeting campaigns that control where and how your ads are to be displayed.

 5.  Put your Facebook retargeting in regular test:
Never set your campaign and go to sleep. You can only get the best results by testing each and every campaign you create. These testing will help you to monitor your visits and conversions. From this, you know what works and what does not in your campaign. This will greatly help you in creating highly targeted ads, increase your conversions and increase your brand exposure.

  6. Conversion optimization
One reason why Facebook is an outstanding platform for retargeting is that it has several tools which automatically optimize campaigns. These tools automatically send your ads to your potential audience.

 7.  Analyze Behaviours
Facebook retargeting gives you the ability to create campaigns based on behaviours of your visitors. This is an opportunity to understand and analyze the way your customers behave. This will also help you to know the amount of time spent by your visitors on your website and the source of your traffic. This will subsequently help you to deliver relevant ads to your visitors.

 8. Test all ad formats to know what works best for you.
Facebook has several ads formats and sizes. We have Desktop ad 470×246, permalinks 470×246, mobile ad 560x 292 and sidebar ad 254×133.Not only that, there are video ads, page post like ads, mobile app ads and so on. To know which of these ads format and sizes work best for you, you need to put them to use and observe how they convert. Once you are able to know what works best, you should make use of all valid sizes of such so you can maximize it to reach your customers.

 9. Keep your bidding High
Try to keep your bidding rate high in other to put your ads in the desired position especially right in the front of your customers.

10. Create Multiple Facebook retargeting Campaigns:
This is especially for someone who has more than one service to render or more than one product to offer. Creating a campaign for all your product and services will not give you the desired result. What you need is to create multiple campaigns to attract your potential customers based on their interests. Each of your campaigns should be assigned to a particular service or business. This will greatly help you to understand and track your conversions.

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