10 Tips for Promoting Your Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is when you sign up with companies to market andsell their products and/or services for a commission.  Commissions aregenerally 25% or lower so be sure to check before you sign up.  If youwant to make a living online, affiliate marketing can be a good way foryou to learn the ropes or add to your existing online business income.

Many of us (me included) make the same newbie mistake.  We sign upfor any programs we find, slap a banner or two on our website and thenwait for the money to come rolling in.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t workthat way.  As with any business, you will need to work consistently andpersistently to build your affiliate sales business.  Below are ten tips to help you make more sales with your affiliate marketing business.

1.  Sell What You Believe – Selling a product orservice that you have actually used and believe in is much moreeffective than selling a product you have no clue about.  Try theproduct, tell your story and make more sales.   Being able to personally recommend a product can go a long way.  Be sure to know about yourproduct too, so when people ask you questions you can let them know theinformation they need.  This will help in making more sales as well.

2. Be Selective – Do not join every program youfind.  Spreading yourself too thin will cause you to lose focus andsales.  Find one or two excellent programs and products that you canreally spend time and energy promoting heavily.  You don’t want toconfuse your potential customers with too many offers, ads and productsplastered all over site.

3. Sales Materials – Most affiliate companies willoffer you professionally made sales materials such as banners, ads,sales copy and more.   Be sure to take advantage of these if you cannotprovide your own.  Test and track the ads to find the most effective. Place the banners in different locations on your site and find whatworks the best.  Don’t just paste them anywhere and hope they work.

4. Customer Testimonials – Be sure to use customertestimonials or case studies.  Ask the company if they can provide youwith some until you start getting some of your own to use.  Use thetestimonials in whole and snippets in various places you are promoting.

5. Video Marketing – Video marketing can be muchmore effective than text ads because it allows the customer to actuallysee how the product is used and how well it works.  You can easily makeyour own effective video with your personal recommendation to go alongwith the demonstration.

6. Social Sites – Be sure to add videos, banners,incentives, etc. on your social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest,LinkedIn and others.  Tweet pertinent info about your product as well. Be sure to connect all your social sites to your site and vice versa.

7. Add a Bonus – Giving a person a little extraincentive to purchase your product is sometimes all it takes.  Offer afree ebook, report, gift card, etc. so the customer will be convinced to make the purchase.  A little extra push can make a big difference inyour total sales.

8. eMail Signature – Your email signature is asometimes overlooked advertising opportunity.  Write a little teaserabout your product and/or bonus and add this to your email signaturealong with your affiliate link.  Every email you send could be apotential sale!

9. Article Resource Box – Be sure to incorporatearticle marketing into your promotion tactics.  Add a snippet and linkin your article resource box to get people’s attention.

10.  Promote to Your List – If you have been onlinefor any length of time, you should have built a reliable mailing list. Send special offers and incentives to your mailing list.  Let them knowthey are appreciated and will receive special offers that no one elsewill.

Affiliate marketing can help you get started in the internetmarketing business or it can help you increase your existing businessincome.  Either way you need to work at it and promote consistently andeffectively for it to be successful!

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